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Story 1


Before I begin, I want to state that every word in this story is true and with no exaggeration.

The sighting began with a typical evening at work. I was an electrician with the Pawtucket School Department in Rhode Island at the time. It was one of those jobs that came up where I had to work nights to rewire a boiler that had burnt out in the basement of this enormous building. The building, Tolman High School, still stands today and it is one of the biggest buildings if not the biggest building in Pawtucket.

It was about 3 or 4 in the morning and I had finished what I had to do that night and was now in the process of running the boiler to heat the building for classes later in the day. I used to bring my dog with me when I had to work nights. She was great company. The reason that I mention this is that whenever I had my dog with me and any time she heard noises, and there were a lot of creak's and crack's and moans that only an old building could have, her ears would go up and she would let out a protective growl and then lay back down. On this particular night I was sitting in the library studying for an exam (I was going to school nights at the time). I had all the lights lit and it was bright. All of a sudden my eye caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a "street" person walking by the open doors of the library. My dog did not sense a thing, she just laid there. I stood up and hollered to this "person". My dog didn't do anything but look at me as if to say "what are you doing"? At this point I got up and ran to the hallway to where this "person" was at the door just on top of the boiler room stairs. I yelled again for him to stop but he just went in the boiler room and down the stairs. I now went running to the stairs and by the time I got there he was walking across the boiler room. I do have to mention that at this point my dog was way confused and looking at me like I was nuts. Back to the story.... I was on top of the stairs (a very high and steep stairway down to the boiler room) yelling for that person to STOP! He (I use he because it was a male figure) got to the end of the room, stopped, looked at me, turned and kept walking down a hall passage way. Now, with adrenaline flowing, I go down to the boiler room and pick up a piece of pipe that was lying on the floor. Now this passage way that he went down was a dead end! There was no way out and it led to where there, long ago, was a dumbwaiter... It used to be used to lower the trash from the cafeteria to be burnt in the incinerator in the boiler room. It had not been used in a long time since burning trash was outlawed. The access to that dumbwaiter was completely sealed off!! In other words, there was no where for this person to go. It was a dead end!!! I now knew that I had him and there was nowhere for him to go. I went running around the corner and much to my surprise, there was nobody there! Had it been a real person there was no way out without going by me. I was, with all that adrenaline, just shaking in my shoes. All this time my dog just stayed at the top of the stairs and just looked at me, once again, like I was nuts. That's my story and to this day I can still picture this "person" as clear as it just happened. There was nothing dramatic, crazy, or off the wall. It just ended like it began, unbelievable! After I went to all the doors and checked and they were all chained (which was the practice back then) and locked closed.

There you have it. I do have other sightings like when I retired and became a tour director and took tours to Williamsburg in Virginia. There was a "haunted" field and at night it was pitch black. There was no illumination whatsoever. After studying ghost sightings in Williamsburg, I learned about this field. The daughter of a colonist lived next door to it. Her father had her boyfriend murdered or somehow he ended up dead. This gal was so distressed that, folklore has it, she killed herself in that field. Now you could see nothing when you looked at it in the darkness but if you took a picture with a digital camera of that darkness you could see the "orbs" of ghost there being lighter than the darkness. I did many tours there and had the same results every time. Other than the pictures showing the orbs, I cannot swear to the rest of the story being just folklore.

Well, that's it in a nutshell. I have not told but a handfull of people the story at Tolman High for fear of ridicule back then but it is as real today to me as it was back then. - Tom





Story 1



Please submit any of your tales to either: or c/o the SPI Webmaster



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