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Mercy Brown


9 Men's Misery


Benefit Street

On this day when this picture was taken, I had been told that in that pathway Edgar Allen Poe's mistress Sarah Whitman [circa mid to late 1840's] had been seen there. In this specific area I found a lot of activity had been going on. I turned around and looked up and saw a figure of a women standing there looking back down at us. From what I witness she seem to be in eighteenth centry type of clothing, which was a red dress and was wearing a bonnet of some type. I didn't see facial charateristics but it was clearly a women figure but I couldn't say if this was or wasn't Edgar Allen Poe's mistress. This photo was taken right after I had seen this women figure. Sadly I did not manage to capture her but what I did get was an orb just above where I had seen her.



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