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THE SOCIETY OF PARANORMAL INTEREST was started in April of 2010 after my many years of interest in the topic.

This interest all started many years ago when I had a few encounters when I was younger.  The paranormal had me hooked and this led to the making of this group.  Click here to see a school paper I wrote on ghosts.

The basis of this group is that it is made up of members who are truly interested in the paranormal and are knowledgeable about spirits and other matters as well as going out ''hunting''.  At the same time we all enjoy doing what we do.  We don’t like to be so rigid that we aren’t having any fun at all doing what we do.

This group is not like all other paranormal groups out there because we aren’t out here trying to make money at this or trying to gain any fame.  What we try to do is collect the best evidence as possible and analyze it. We do this by taking many pictures by digital camera as well as audio recordings doing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) sessions as well as video taping the events.  What we also do is test many different locations, some known to be haunted and others not known.  We test different days of the week and weather conditions (meaning pretty warm days, cooler days, cold days, cloudy days, etc).  We will also try and find possible reasons for why we may have what appears to be an orb or other lights.  We do our best to actually prove that there is a presence there.

At the moment we currently are doing cemeteries or known streets that are haunted, but are always looking to expand our searches.

If anyone is interested in having our group come in to your home to collect evidence please feel free to contact us at:, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you are looking for some help, whether it is help with researching your home for possible reasons for a haunting, or, just need some more information on the paranormal, please contact us at: and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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